…and not much else yet.

In 2002 I started a small business called See Jane Knit. I explored selling handknits, launched a very small pattern line, and began teaching knitting locally, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The business grew and changed as I figured out what it could become, and decided what I wanted it to be. So much has changed that it’s time for a new name, new branding & marketing, and a new website.

And this time, I’m going to write about it, as it develops, to clarify and share and record.

The website now exists, with appropriate URL. I choose WordPress because I have a little familiarity with it from my software work side (yes, I’m a geek ;-)) and wanted to get still more familiar to expand my technical skill set. I also want to play with site design, so its look will likely change in the months to come (ATM it uses the Twenty Eleven theme).

On the fiber arts side, I hope to soon have a gallery here of my published designs. That’s me in the left-most header picture, at STITCHES, with a poster of one of my designs in Knitter’s Magazine. I currently teach knitting and crochet at all 4 events;  I’ve met so many wonderful people, both fellow teachers and students, around the country through STITCHES!

I just finished a short video (my first, filmed on an iPhone and edited with iMovie – yes, I’m a *Mac* geek, since OS X (Unix! running underneath it all!)) for Creative Knitting magazine. Getting that together was fun, and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be… though life did see fit to teach me a few things along the way. But that’s another story, and will be told another time…


  1. Beth, I am sorry to leave a message here, but I do not twitter … LOL I just talk !!! I would like the pattern of the All about short Rows Scarf published in Creative Knitting March 2008. I don’t appear to be able to download the pattern. Can I please get a copy from you, paying with paypal. It would be very appreciative, it looks such a pretty scarf and a good way of using my stash of small amounts of handspun yarn.
    Thankyou from Vivien from Australia

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