Embellished class homework swatch and sample patterns
The KLITCH’d homework swatch and recent designs using techniques T and L.

A little over a year ago I came across The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick. I’m a sucker for books (in general) with photos of intricate fabric textures and colors (specifically) playing gloriously in new and unusual (to me) ways. It made me want to weave. It made me wonder if any of those effects could be worked on hand knits. It made me pull out other books, and read and think about how techniques from other fiber arts could be worked on knit fabrics.

The end results were several pattern designs (check out the faux couching on Creative Knitting’s Summer 2013 It’s All in the Details) and a class: Through, On & Around: KLITCH Your Knits! KLITCH is an acronym created from the 6 technique areas we explore in class: Knotting, Lacing, Inlay, Twining, Couching (faux, not true couching) and Hemstitching. Look for it on the schedule of STITCHES South, Midwest and East!

The projects I designed in Creative Knitting’s recent Knits In No Time special issue show how twining can be used to create a pot holder, coasters, and table runner or scarf from I-cord, and how fancy lacing can tie seed stitch strips into a scarf. Imagine making strips in different colors or yarns, and lacing or twining them together in a contrast color—how fun would that be?!?

Trellis hemstitching worked on elongated stitches of a cowl.
Trellis hemstitching worked on elongated stitches of a cowl.

My latest KLITCH experiment is a cowl, worked in Cascade Yarns Longwood, with elongated stitch as fillings in a double-decker garter stitch sandwich. Longwood is spongy soft, great to work with, and superwash to boot. Hemstitching in turquoise 220 Aran will wrap the elongated stitches on both sides. If that’s not enough decoration, maybe I’ll do some knotting in the eyelet rows…hmmmm….

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