10K Student Cards
From left to right: Gwen Bortner, Kellie Nuss, Sarah Peasley, Beth Whiteside. Take a class with one of us, and get your card initialed!

At the beginning of July my teacher friends (Gwen Bortner, Kellie Nuss, Sarah Peasley) and I began a joint venture we’re calling the 10K Student Project. It was a bit of a scramble, but a few weeks later we were ready with a bare-bones website and affinity/loyalty cards, in time for STITCHES Midwest. While we see each other almost every week over Skype, the 4 STITCHES events are where we get to enjoy face time (and knitting time, of course).

So what is it? It’s a just-for-fun aggregate count of students we teach. Not unique students, just total students. As milestones go, 10,000 seemed like a nice number, weighty but achievable in a reasonable amount of time, especially with all 4 of us pitching in toward the total. I’ve gone from 0 students to 86 for August – whoo hoo – and will be scheduling some local classes here in San Francisco to further try to pull my weight!

At the Bean in Chicago
3/4 of us wandered Chicago after Midwest. The final quarter was with us in spirit!

We’re not sure where the project will go, besides the counting. We’ve been thinking it could be a way to share what we learn by teaching, as well as a way for students to share with each other, but we’re really not sure yet. Both concept and website are under development (kinda like mine, here ;), so we’ll just see where it takes us.

Hope to count you in class soon!