Red Heart LW4482 Ribbed Collar Sweater
Ribbed Collar Sweater, view 1
Red Heart pattern LW4482EN

Just discovered a sweater pattern I’d designed a few months back is now public. :-] The Ribbed Collar Pullover, worked up in Red Heart Boutique Midnight, is a free downloadable pattern from Coats and Clark.

Shaping the armhole outward on the body then attaching the standard trapezoidal sleeve creates a drop-shoulder look without the extra bulk under the arm. Wide 4×2 ribbing pulls the bottom hem in to conform to the body. At the same time, deep ribs create vertical lines against the horizontal bands of self-striping color, elongating the silhouette.

Midnight has just a hint of metallic in it, in addition to being self-striping. It’s also a bulky chainette yarn, so it is fun and fast to knit with!

Red Heart Ribbed Collar Sweater, view 2
Ribbed Collar Sweater, view 2
Red Heart pattern LW4482EN

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