Colorwork Without the Work is live!

Colorwork Without the Work

My first ever online class is live! If you wondered what was going on in that shot of me in the Knitalong post, well, wonder no more. I spent 3  wonderful days with the Annie’s Attic film crew and Creative Knitting editor Kara Gott Warner in Indiana.

Being filmed professionally was a new experience for me (making a Youtube video on an iPhone yourself? fun, but what a difference!). I had a lot of fun creating the class and its projects. I hope it helps people get excited about what you can do with stripes of all types, be they horizontal, vertical, or something in between!

Thanks once again to Kara & Elyse; to Scott, Dave, Peggy, Nicole, and Allie; and to all the folks behind the scenes!

Beth, Scott, Dave

Comic relief at the shoot. Photo credit: Kara Gott Warner