Cut Your Knitting: Strand and Steek with Confidence

And there it is, my first online class with Craftsy. It was a ton of fun to prepare and film!!

For years now I’ve taught a one-hour Market Session intro to stranded color at STITCHES. That class is designed to give the beginner or advanced beginner a taste of stranded color techniques, and get her/him started building a comfortable way to knit while holding two yarns.

A longer 3-hour in-person class was born out of my own experience with cutting knit fabric. I wanted to make it less scary, less intimidating. The thought of cutting open hours and hours of work knitting a sweater used to strike fear in my heart. But a small piece of knitting, barely more than a swatch, worked up in leftover yarns and taking only a night or two of knitting… if I needed to write the experiment off, that would be ok.

And from those personal experiences knitting and teaching, this online class was born. :)