CraftsyLogoBellaterre! Congratulations, and enjoy your free Craftsy class!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you who signed up in class, answering your questions, and seeing your projects. Color work is some of my favorite knitting, and just getting this celebration together is nudging me back toward it as I try to restart my own independent pattern line. One of my older patterns that I still love making is the Triangle Man Pillbox. I wonder if the class color patterns could be adapted to the hat stitch counts… ;-)

Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques classFor those of you looking to expand your knowledge of stranded color knitting, I’ll point you at Mary Jane Mucklestone‘s new class, Modern Stranded Knitting Techniques. She has still more motifs for you to work up while practicing your technique, and you’ll get to make the cool cowl you see in the picture at right. Each of us has our own bag of knitting tips and tricks, and Mary Jane brings a lot of great ones to this class!

Check it out using my affiliate text link or the one on the photo, and you can get 50% off the purchase price.

Until next year!