Build Your Skills: A Pretty Baby-Picot Cast-On

faux Channel Island swatches

Looking for an easy way to jazz up the bottom of edge of your next project? The “faux Channel Island” cast-on may be just thing. It is created by working a knit half-hitch stitch (i.e. a classic long-tail cast-on stitch), then a knit alternating stitch (the knit half of what happens in an alternating provisional cast-on), until the desired number of stitches is reached. Turn the work, and begin your pattern stitch. Voilà!

The video below shows how to work it over an even number of stitches. To work it over an odd number of stitches, begin with a slip knot instead of the twist loop start, and begin the two-stitch repeat of casting on with the knit alternating stitch.

About the video…

This is the first in a series of short videos I’m planning to release. They’re hosted over on my Youtube channel, but are currently “Unlisted,” meaning that they won’t turn up in searches. They are, for now, exclusives. When I’ve built the library up a bit more, there’ll be a more formal launch of the channel. Please do feel free to share the URL with your knitting friends!


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