About Beth

The Formal Bio

Beth Whiteside’s love for teaching is driven by a love of the “aha!” moment. She revels in finding new ways to make the light bulb turn on and sharing that moment with budding knitters. She’s taught in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003 and nationally since 2005. Besides teaching, Beth is an ever-curious designer, writer, and technical editor. She can’t choose just one method or style—she loves them all! You can find her designs published in magazines such as Creative Knitting and Knitter’s Magazine, by yarn companies such as Red Heart, Cascade and Fiesta, and in her own indie pattern line.

The Digressive First-Person Story

I have a degree in Biotechnology from WPI, and 20-odd years experience in software quality assurance. Knitting was a hobby for many years, a tangible complement to the mental engagement of software work.

A change of coasts in the ’90s prompted several bouts of self-examination (programmer? UI designer? creative writer?? what did I want to be when I grew up???) and a part-time job in a yarn store. Teaching inevitably followed (I like explaining things. If I can explain something to you, that means that I understand it!). In 2002 I started a small business called See Jane Knit. I explored selling handknits, launched a very small pattern line, and began teaching at more places in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cape Bohemia photo

My first See Jane Knit pattern, Cape Bohemia.

After attending my first STITCHES West in 2004 (and vowing never to miss another!) I sent in a resume, cover letter and list of courses to XRX, Inc, the folks who run the show. And so, in 2005 I began teaching nationally, at all 4 STITCHES events. One thing led to another, and I began technical editing and information design work with Knitter’s Magazine and XRX Books. In 2007 I began writing articles and designing accompanying projects for Creative Knitting Magazine. And that led to some technical editing for Coats and Clark… and so on and so forth, with more work following.

Ten years on, my small business has changed so much, it needs a new, more appropriate, more personal name to encompass the many things I do. Beth Whiteside Design brings these diverse avenues of business—writing, editing, teaching, garment and information design and layout—under 1 roof, a fiber arts roof. What I do changes all the time but always revolves around the yarn and craft world!