Classes for Needlearts Professionals

Skills for Schematics, Charts & More

Color Charts class photo

Creating Color Charts with Illustrator

Are you an indie designer or budding tech editor? Looking to up your game with more professional color charts? This class will teach you how! You’ll get comfortable with the basic Illustrator workspace—artboards, tools, controls, panels—while learning two ways to create color charts. Class will cover creating custom color swatches; using fill and stroke options; … Continue reading Creating Color Charts with Illustrator

Creating Schematics With Illustrator

Segments make you doubt your sanity? Beziers driving you round the bend? Learn how to make the pen tool obey in this class on drawing garment schematics with Adobe Illustrator. In addition to building pen tool proficiency, class will cover using basic workspace elements like guides and grids; creating and manipulating shapes and points; using … Continue reading Creating Schematics With Illustrator

Creating Schematics With Illustrator 2

You can draw basic schematics, add dimension lines and measurement text. But what about other garment shapes or unusual constructions, like a top-down circular sweater? What graphic devices help the reader craft the project? This class will cover combining and stacking shapes, different  schematic looks, finessing paths, using global styles to keep text and graphics consistent, … Continue reading Creating Schematics With Illustrator 2

Class photo of symbol charts

Creating Symbol Charts with Illustrator

A picture is worth a thousand words. From needlepoint to knitting, symbol charts are used as visual explanations of what to do where on canvas and fabric, with needle and hook. Learn how to draw and style grids; use layers to manage objects; create and manipulate objects using shape and drawing tools; turn shapes into … Continue reading Creating Symbol Charts with Illustrator