“Editing services” and particularly “technical editing services,” means different things to different people in the fiber arts industry. Separately, its components can be broken down as follows:

  • Pattern/instruction writing: Can mean a check to assure all steps necessary for making the project have been included and instructions flow logically, or may include translating existing directions into instructional language.
  • Copy editing: Check words are used and spelled properly, and grammar rules correctly applied.
  • Style consistency: Check for consistent use of abbreviations and terminology against industry standards and/or a provided style guide.
  • Technical editing: Check counts for stitches and rows in the pattern when increasing and decreasing occur, that the specified stitch and row gauge(s) produce given measurements and dimensions, check instructions match a provided sample garment, provide feedback on sizing/grading, assist yardage estimates, and accuracy of existing charts and schematics.
  • Grading: Using sizing standards information provided by client and existing pattern for one (or more) sizes, calculate pattern numbers for other sizes of garment. Many designers and publishers use standards provided by the Craft Yarn Council as the basis for developing their own.
  • Charts, schematics, diagrams: Create professional charts, schematics, and diagrams from written or hand-drawn information.

My rate for the editing services above is $35 per hour. The amount of time (and therefore money!) it takes to perform the above services varies depending on the complexity of the project.

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