Online Classes

I have two classes online, each on different platforms. In my copious spare time I’m working on short tutorial videos; stay tuned for more news over on the Video page!

Cut Your Knitting: Strand and Steek with Confidence

Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence

Don’t let steeking anxiety hold you back from knitting colorwork in the round! Join designer Beth Whiteside and learn how to strand and steek successfully without fuss or anxiety. During class, you’ll conquer new stranded knitting techniques by practicing on a unique tablet case and a fun cozy β€” they’re perfect for building your skills … Continue reading Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence

Colorwork Without the Work

Colorwork Without the Work

Learn how to bring color to your knitting with these simple techniques. In this “all things stripes” class, you’ll learn to use stripes and explore the basics with helix knitting, then dive into mosaic and intarsia techniques. This class includes step-by-step instructions for making 4 exclusive class projects: Stripy Cowl & Slouchy Cap, Stripes-in-the-Making Bag … Continue reading Colorwork Without the Work

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