You can draw basic schematics, add dimension lines and measurement text. But what about other garment shapes or unusual constructions, like a top-down circular sweater? What additional drawings can help the reader understand how to assemble a project? Discover how to combine simpler shapes into the one you need, and stack shaded objects to show depth. Build a brush library to apply on fold and seaming lines. Learn how global styles can keep text and graphics consistent within and across documents. Experiment with the schematic attributes that create a particular illustration style, and find what works for you. Let’s draw some MORE schematics!


Laptop with Adobe Illustrator loaded and charged battery, pencil and paper for taking notes.


Class demos will be on Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. Students must have Adobe Illustrator CS 6 or later (Mac or PC) loaded on their laptop. You can download a free 30-day trial of Illustrator, or subscribe to a CC plan for as little as 20.99/month. If you are subscribing to CC, make sure you have activated your membership & downloaded the app before coming to class. 

You must be familiar with your laptop. Work through the pre-class homework to familiarize yourself with the Illustrator workspace and terminology.

Homework will be sent upon class registration.