Creating Schematics With Illustrator

Segments make you doubt your sanity? Beziers driving you round the bend? Learn how to make the pen tool obey in this class on drawing garment schematics with Adobe Illustrator. In addition to building pen tool proficiency, class will cover using basic workspace elements like guides and grids; creating and manipulating shapes and points; using fill and stroke options; adding text; using align and distribute tools; scaling, rotating and reflecting objects; and exporting schematics for production.


Laptop with Adobe Illustrator loaded and charged battery, pencil and paper for taking notes.


Class demos will be on Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. Students must have Adobe Illustrator CS 6 or later (Mac or PC) loaded on their laptop. You can download a free 30-day trial of Illustrator, or subscribe to a CC plan for as little as 20.99/month. If you are subscribing to CC, make sure you have activated your membership & downloaded the app before coming to class. You must have a basic understanding of how to use computer applications, and do all pre-class homework.

Homework will be sent upon course registration.