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Welcome to the goodies page for KLITCH Your Knits! Each class goodie page variously contains links, mini tutorials, inspirational photos, reference lists to take you further, and the like. Thanks for being a student in one of my classes.

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Embellish and upcycle sweaterEmbellish and Upcycle

In 2016 I was newsletter/update editor for Creative Knitting Magazine. One of my updates was about ways to embellish and upcycle knits. The machine-made thrift-store purchased sweater at right was the basis for my explorations. The tutorial covered running stitches (aka inlay) and ways to further embellish them.

The tutorial is no longer public, but you should be able to access it with this super-secret link. If it doesn’t work, please let me know.




Embroider It: Herringbone Stitch

Finished Herringbone Scarf

For 2016’s National Craft Month I explored several different crafts and wrote a blog post about each experience. One of those posts was about embroidery, a craft I learned as a tweenager from my mom. Amazing how a couple of passes of Herringbone stitch in a fun yarn can transform a piece; it is now one of my favorite scarves.




Myra’s Blanket Strip

In teaching at STITCHES shows I have been privileged to meet a number of wonderful people, student, staff, and fellow teacher. I am honored to number among my friends the talented Myra Wood, who was forced to take some time off from teaching to fight cancer. A conversation with other teachers sparked the idea of creating something to wrap around her since none of us lived close enough to wrap her in our arms. Each of us made a panel for the afghan; mine was composed of embellished squares, with some techniques borrowed from KLITCH and others being some newer explorations of embellishing. Below are photos of two squares to inspire your further explorations; click on photos to see closeups.

Borrowing From Weavers Again

Artisan Tunic

Creative Knitting, Summer 2016: Artisan Tunic

Leno is another technique I’ve tried to bring over to knit fabric. Unlike the finishing techniques from class, hemstitching and twining, leno is worked while creating fabric on the loom, and produces a lacy yet stable fabric. Vertical warp threads are crossed over each other (left over right, right over left, right and left over a center stitch, etc) and the weft woven through the crossings.

The issue in which the Artisan Tunic appeared (Creative Knitting Summer 2016; click to buy the issue at Annie’s website) also contained an article on working the leno techniques used on the garment. You can work it on plain stockinette fabric, where it creates an interesting texture in the fabric, or work it across elongated stitches, keeping the focus on the crossing of the stitches.

Try it out!

Start with an even number of stitches. With yarn or other embellishing element (crochet or knit cast-on/bind-off chain, ribbon, etc) on a tapestry needle, cross the length of one stitch over the other. You can use the tapestry needle itself, a cable needle, or a crochet hook to take right over left, left over right, or alternate the two. Insert the threaded tapestry needle through the center of the crossing as shown below.

You can cross the stitches and insert the weft one pair of stitches at a time. Or you can do several crossings, insert a knitting needle to hold the crossings in place, and insert the weft later.


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