Article: Show Your Bias!

“As knitters we seem predisposed to knit scarves and shawls and garments widthwise, in horizontal rows. The knitting mimics the structure of woven cloth, with horizontal weft threads under and over vertical warp threads. What happens if we take this construction and rotate it 45 degrees? We see diagonal lines, and diagonal lines grab the eye, creating an illusion of movement which flatters the figure.”

Accompanying Project: Naturally Biased Scarf

Creative Knitting, May 2007, Volume 29, No. 3

Article: Double Increases: And Then There Were Three

“Increases add stitches to our work and decreases take them away. They enable us to knit beyond rectangles, and to fashion sweaters and socks, hats and hedgehogs. Their appearance may contribute much toward a stitch pattern’s distinctive look. Double increases are the means to creating three stitches where only one existed before.”

Accompanying Project: Double Increase Shawl

Creative Knitting, September 2007, Volume 29, No. 5

Article: Double Decreases: From 3 to 1

“Double decreases are the means by which we turn three stitches into one. Like double increases, double decreases enable us to knit beyond the basics, help us shape garments and create distinctive fabrics. They are one of the foundation elements of the recent mitered square knitting craze.

Accompanying Project: Mighty Mitered Bag

Creative Knitting, November 2007, Volume 29, No. 6