I love teaching: I get to share what I know about something we both love! Helping my students understand a technique or explore a new area of the craft is a joyful experience. Finding just the right words or pictures, analogy or metaphor, or even physical illustration (e.g., the Dance of Stitches in the Round!) that makes the light bulb come on in students’ heads—what could be more fun than that???

After years working in software quality assurance, my approach is methodical. Having always taken the user’s perspective when testing software, it is also focussed on knitters learning first things first: designing with lace is a lot harder when you don’t know how to work a yarn over, so let’s do that first!

My students continually inspire me to create new and improve current classes, as well as find better ways to teach them. I feel privileged to be able to meet crafters from all over the country since I began teaching at STITCHES Expos in 2005.

Browse my knitting and crochet classes, general craft classes, or classes for needlearts professionals. Some classes are described on my Ravelry projects page as well as under specific events on the Knitting Universe’s STITCHES pages. And of course, there’s a calendar for the what, when and where. ;-)