Class Catalog

My knitting and crochet classes are listed on this page of my course catalog. I also teach general craft classes and classes for needlearts professionals.

For each class, length is given as a range of class hours. Class material can be customized to fit the desired number of sessions and/or time available: a store might want 2 2-hour sessions while an event will have only 3-hour slots. Major topics covered and prerequisites are given, as are necessary materials and homework to be completed before class.

Interested in having Beth come teach at your shop or guild? Please get in touch for rates, availability, and the like! Classes can be combined and/or customized to your needs. :)

KLITCH Your Knits!

3-6 class hours. Knotting, Lacing, Inlay, Twining, Couching (faux), Hemstitching: amp up your knitting with these 6 afterthought embellishing techniques! That single skein of pretty sitting in your stash can add pizzazz to plain knitting (hand-made or store-bought!), lace in a waist taper, or cover up an extended edging. You will practice all these techniques in … Continue reading KLITCH Your Knits!

Examples of types of stripes

Stripes of All Types

3-6 class hours Stripes: the simplest and one of the oldest types of decorative markings. From tiger stripes to rock strata, Breton T-shirts to pin-striped suites, Dr. Who scarf to Baby Surprise jacket, stripes are all around us. In class we’ll look at both design and technique basics: ways to play with proportion, when to … Continue reading Stripes of All Types

Cowl-O-Rama! Design Your Own Cowl

Cowl-O-Rama! Design Your Own Cowl

3-6 class hours. Keep it simple or go deep into design, it’s your choice! You’ll begin by drawing a simple schematic representation for your cowl. Using homework swatches, you will learn how to evaluate fabric for suitability, and how to measure stitch and row gauge. Class exercises will explore the character of different stitch patterns, … Continue reading Cowl-O-Rama! Design Your Own Cowl

Circular from the Inside Out

Circular from the Inside Out

3-6 class hours. Used to working in the round from the outside in, decreasing your way to the center? Learn how to work the other way, starting at the center and increasing out: no more running out of yarn before you hit the middle! Working on double-pointed needles, try different ways of starting in the center … Continue reading Circular from the Inside Out

Class photo for Get Started Stranding

Get Started Stranding

3 class hours. Learn to work holding two colors at the same time! Commonly called Fair Isle knitting, this technique for stranding colors across the wrong side of the work lets you create brightly colored and patterned fabrics. While working on a small project you’ll practice getting an even tension (not too tight, not too … Continue reading Get Started Stranding

Entrelac Beginnings class photo

Entrelac Beginnings

3-6 class hours. Tiers of triangles and rectangles create the intricate interlaced appearance of entrelac fabric. The basic techniques for casting on, working rectangles, picking up stitches and joining units are covered as you start a simple scarf. You’ll learn how to read an entrelac pattern while you practice zig-zagging back and forth in tiers, … Continue reading Entrelac Beginnings

Wrap Turn_Basic Short Rows

Wrap & Turn: Basic Short Rows

2 class hours. Short rows: those partial rows that let us create sock heels that curve to fit our feet, work shoulder shaping minus the ugly stepped bind offs, and put darts or gussets so garments can better match our bodies. In this class you’ll learn the basics of working short rows using the classic … Continue reading Wrap & Turn: Basic Short Rows

Samples from Intarsia Ins and Outs

Intarsia Ins and Outs

3-6 class hours Intarsia is awesome. And it’s easier than you might think, when you know just a few of its ins and outs. “Picture knitting” can be used to add geometric shapes to a plain sweater, or put Santa’s face on a stocking. Learn how to plan for your elements, wind butterflies, and minimize … Continue reading Intarsia Ins and Outs

Criss… Cross… Cable!

3-6 class hours. At its most basic, a cable is a group of stitches whose parts swap position every few rows. The maneuvering required to swap stitches is actually quite simple to learn—the complex appearance comes about because of the many ways stitches can be grouped, arranged, and intertwined. Learn how to swap stitches with … Continue reading Criss… Cross… Cable!

Understand Your Knitting

3-6 class hours. Become a more informed and proficient knitter. Acquire a better understanding of stitch anatomy and fabric, try new working methods (English? Continental? Combination?), and add more tools to your skill and technique toolbox. You’ll learn several ways to cast-on, how to join new yarn and weave in ends as you go, and … Continue reading Understand Your Knitting

Strand and Steek swatches

Steek and Strand!

6 class hours. Stranded color is one of the classic color work techniques, including as it does the well-known subgroup known as Fair Isle knitting. This class is for the knitter who has worked a few stranded projects and is eager to learn more, including how to successfully wield scissors on knit fabric. Class begins with a … Continue reading Steek and Strand!

A Taste of Double Knitting

1-2 class hours. Double knitting magically create two layers of fabric from one row of knitting. You’ll learn one way to cast on for double knitting, how to work in pairs of stitches, and how to bind off said pairs neatly. The class will also cover ways to neaten the selvage, switch colors to make … Continue reading A Taste of Double Knitting

Continental Yarn Over

Continental Knitting

1-2 class hours. Come learn how to knit with the yarn controlled by the left hand! This method involves tensioning the working yarn and “picking” it to pull through stitches, rather than “throwing” yarn for the new loop. It can be a most useful addition to your knitting repertoire, making complicated stitch manipulations easier, or … Continue reading Continental Knitting

Granny squares from Crochet a Classic!

Crochet a Classic!

1-2 class hours. The granny square—crochet rite of passage and icon of the 60s. And more fun than a barrel of monkeys, given how quickly you can turn odds and ends of yarn into cute motifs to applique on jeans, join together for a scarf, or assemble into an afghan. The class is geared for … Continue reading Crochet a Classic!

Intarsia Intro

Intarsia Intro

1-2 class hours. Vertical stripes without stranding—how can that be? Intarsia, or picture knitting, gives us the means for painting with color across a fabric that remains a single thickness. This class will get you started painting your own simple intarsia picture, teaching you how to prevent holes at color changes and giving you tips … Continue reading Intarsia Intro

Class samples

Introducing I-Cord

1-2 class hours. What is I-cord, you ask? Only the most versatile cord ever unvented! In this class you’ll learn how to make basic Stockinette stitch I-cord, how to scale it up and down, and how to add color with 1-row stripes. From practical handles and drawstrings to decorative fringe and jewelry, versatile I-cord is … Continue reading Introducing I-Cord

I-Cord on the Edge

I-Cord on the Edge

1-2 class hours. Edge your knitting as you work it! In class you’ll create a swatch with I-cord edges worked at the same time, learn how to turn a corner, execute an I-cord bind-off and create I-cord button loops. We’ll discuss additional ways to edge with I-cord, as well as how to handle gauge considerations. … Continue reading I-Cord on the Edge

Working in Both Directions

Working in Both Directions

1-2 class hours. Knitting is a two-handed sport, and most of us play by making new stitches on the right-hand needle from old stitches held on the left-hand needle. We turn our work around, and repeat, knitting from the left needle onto the right needle. There are times when it would be so much more … Continue reading Working in Both Directions

Simple Seaming

Simple Seaming

1-2 class hours. Seaming is one of those basic skills, just beyond the knitting fundamentals of cast-on, knit, purl, and bind-off. We’ll make small swatches in class and practice the basic techniques of seaming rows-to-rows and stitches-to-stitches. And we’ll talk about how these techniques are used to put garments and other knit pieces together. Learn … Continue reading Simple Seaming

My First Sweater class project

My First Sweater!

3-6 class hours. Ready to go beyond scarves & hats? Take the terror out of sweater-making and learn how to read a pattern, shape an underarm and neckline, and sew things together. In this class we will read through a sleeveless sweater pattern, first building an understanding of materials and measurements, then continuing to construction. … Continue reading My First Sweater!

Just Enough Crochet class samples

Just Enough Crochet

3-6 class hours. Sometimes a knitted sweater or shawl needs just a little something to really finish it. Learn the spit-n-polish crochet moves that will make your knitwear shine! Designed for those who know nothing about crochet, it is not, however, a crochet primer. But you will learn enough to make cords to tie those … Continue reading Just Enough Crochet

Hats 101 class samples

Hats 101: Basic Headgear

3-6 class hours. Put a lid on it! Make your first hat and keep your head warm this winter with either a cute beanie or classic watchcap. Pick your yarn, grab appropriate needles, and let’s get started! Topics covered Swatching and gauge Knitting in the round Decreasing Finishing Materials  100 yds #4 medium weight yarn … Continue reading Hats 101: Basic Headgear