2-4 class hours.

What’s better than a comfy lapghan for the sofa or blanket for the bed? Build a blanket from easy and portable log cabin blocks. You will learn how to make a basic log cabin block, working in garter stitch “logs” around a center square or “chimney.” We’ll examine the myriad possibilities log cabin knitting presents, from using different yarn weights to varying color and size to arranging blocks in different ways. Choose a block style from among the provided templates or design your own. Like the quilting technique of the same name, log cabin knitting is an excellent way to creative and thrifty—let’s build a blanket together!

Know Before You Show

Cast on, knit, purl, bind off.


  • #4 (worsted) yarn, ~30 yds in 3 solid light or bright coordinating colors A, B, and C. You will use A for the center square of your class block.
  • Knitting needles 1 size smaller than listed on ball band
  • third needle in same size for joining technique
  • basic knitting supplies (tapestry needle, scissors, markers, etc)


With A, cast on 5 stitches. Knit 9 rows; place stitches on hold.

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