Loops with Fringe Benefits

Montage of loop and fringe techniques

3-6 class hours.

Liven up your garments with loops, or turn them into faux fringe! You’ll learn how to mimic a frayed woven edge, work single & double loops, add bows, I-cord loops and corkscrews. Apply some after-the-fact fringe, and learn a few tricks for going beyond basic overhand knots. Practice the techniques by making the class sampler bag, or use them in your own fun projects.
Topics covered
Basic loops (RS and WS)
Single, double strand loops
Unravelled loops
Chain loops
Corded loops
Fur stitch
Add-on fringe
Knotted, twisted techniques


  • 50 yds each of 2 colors worsted weight yarn
  • 24” circular needle and crochet hook in size appropriate for yarn


With A, cast on 20 stitches.