My First Sweater!

My First Sweater class project

3-6 class hours.

Ready to go beyond scarves & hats? Take the terror out of sweater-making and learn how to read a pattern, shape an underarm and neckline, and sew things together. In this class we will read through a sleeveless sweater pattern, first building an understanding of materials and measurements, then continuing to construction. We’ll go over the knitter’s shorthand used in patterns while practicing the common techniques used in sweater construction on a doll-size sample sweater.

Topics covered
Sizing and measurements
Materials, tools and techniques
Reading a pattern
Garment structure and construction
Tips for success


  • 70 yds #4 medium weight yarn in light or bright color
  • Knitting needles in size appropriate for yarn (between US 6-8 [4.25-5 mm], depending on how tight you knit)
  • Ring markers, yarn needle


An adult version of the class shell.

An adult version of the class shell.

Cast on 28 stitches. Knit 2 rows.
Row 1 (RS) Knit.
Row 2 Knit 1 st, purl to last st, knit 1.Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 4″.  Cut yarn, leaving a 6″ tail; slip stitches to a stitch holder or piece of scrap yarn. Make a second square, same as the first, but leave stitches on needle with yarn attached.