Pleasing Plaits, Beautiful Braids

Pleasing Plaits class photo

6 class hours.

Braids on fabric?!? Yes! The intriguing horizontal element known as Herringbone or Latvian braid appears on hats, mittens, and garments from across northern Europe and the Baltic. How do you make these colorful plaits on the edge and in the middle of knit fabric? In this class you’ll learn how to work several types of braided cast-ons, place braids across the middle of fabric using chain stitch and stranding techniques, and braid as you bind off. By the end of class you’ll be planning pleasing plaits for all your projects.

Know Before You Show

Long-tail cast-on, knit, purl, bind off. Familiarity with stranded color helpful but not essential.


  • 50 yds each #4 weight yarn in three light or bright colors, A, B,  and C
  • US 7 24˝[60 cm] circular needle or a set of double-pointed needles
  • H crochet hook
  • basic supplies (scissors, yarn needle, markers, etc.)


Holding A and B together and leaving short tails of each, make a slip knot; place on needle. Insert fingers between strands for long-tail cast-on with A over index and B over thumb; cast on 20 sts, excluding slip knot. Cut B. With A and pulling out slip knot at end of first row, knit 3 rows. Work in stockinette stitch for 18 rows. Knit 4 rows, cut A. With B, bind off. Block swatch.