Spiral Up With Helix Knitting

Spiral Up With Helix Knitting

3-6 class hours.

Standard circular knitting begins and ends at the marker. Yet the fabric itself is more truly a spiral: the last stitch of a round doesn’t line up with any of its first-stitch neighbors, not the one below, not the current one, not the one above. Is there no way to minimize or eliminate the dreaded jog, the offset at this transitional spot? Helix or “barber pole” knitting is a solution, perfect for working in spirals of color and simple pattern. In-class exercises will show you how helix knitting can be used to create single-round stockinette stripes as well as make stripes two or more rounds tall. You’ll also learn how to begin and end with plain borders or in stripes, and work simple textures into the coils of color.

Know Before You Show

Cast on, knit, purl, bind off; simple incs/decs, follow written instructions and simple charts. Must be able to work in the round on circular and double-pointed (or other small circumference method such as two circulars or magic loop) needles.


  • 20 yds each #4 to 5 chunky to bulky weight yarn in three colors A, B, C
  • 50 yds each #4 to 5 chunky to bulky weight yarn in three colors D, E, F; divide F into two equal balls
  • set of double-pointed needles in size appropriate for yarn weight
  • 16˝ (as measured tip to tip!) circular needle, in size appropriate for yarn weight
  • If working homework in Magic Loop or two circular methods, ALSO bring needles for these techniques
  • Small flat-bottomed paper bag OR knitting bag to constrain balls of yarn
  • basic supplies (scissors, yarn needle, markers, etc.)


With A, and using dpns (OR needles for Magic Loop/2 circulars methods), cast on 30 sts. Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist. Purl 1 rnd, knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd.
Next rnd: [k9, m1, k1] 3 times—33 sts.
Set aside.