3-6 class hours

Stripes: the simplest and one of the oldest types of decorative markings. From tiger stripes to rock strata, Breton T-shirts to pin-striped suites, Dr. Who scarf to Baby Surprise jacket, stripes are all around us. In class we’ll look at both design and technique basics: ways to play with proportion, when to cut and when to carry, how to mix stripes with stitch patterns and knitting techniques like short rows. We’ll stretch the definition of stripes just a bit to include patterns using only 1 color per row, whether the end result looks like a stripe or not. Take the stripes we practice in our class sampler, and apply them to your next self-designed project!

Know Before You Show

Cast on, knit, purl, bind off; simple incs/decs, follow written instructions, simple stitch patterns.


  • #4 (worsted) weight yarn in 2 colors, 50 yds each, knitting needles appropriate for yarn, 24” circular in same size, basic knitting supplies (tapestry needle, markers, etc).


With A, cast on 24 sts. Knit 6 rows; leave work on needle.


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