The Secret Life of Long Stitches

The Secret Life of Long Stitches class photo

(formerly titled The Beauty of Long Stitches)

3-6 class hours

The size of our stitches in width and height is determined largely by the size of the needles we use. There are some neat tricks we can use to make stitches longer, either across an entire row or in isolation on a stitch-by-stitch basis. But then there are the wondrous things these long and lovely stitches enable us to do with fabric, their secret life as building blocks of other types of stitch patterns, contributing to wondrous twinings and textures. From selective elongation to twisted wraps, simple slips to complex decreases and increases, crossing a la cables to threading through each other: come explore the secret life of long stitches.

Know Before You Show

Understands how to work incs/decs, follow written instructions, unknit and fix mistakes.


  • 100 #4 (worsted) weight yarn; 20-50 yds in a second color
  • US 7 and 13 knitting needles
  • basic knitting supplies (tapestry needle, markers, scissors, etc).



With smaller needle and main color, cast on 26 sts. Knit 4 rows; set aside.

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