1-2 class hours.

Knitting is a two-handed sport, and most of us play by making new stitches on the right-hand needle from old stitches held on the left-hand needle. We turn our work around, and repeat, knitting from the left needle onto the right needle. There are times when it would be so much more convenient if we did not have to turn the work. The heavy afghan with many stitches, the iPod case with few; the charted intarsia project; the interesting entrelac bag. Life without turning the work would just be so much easier. In class students will learn how to both knit and purl from the left needle to the right. There will be discussion of when these new skills can save you time and energy, as well as time to practice.


  • #4 or #5 weight, 20 yds, in light or bright color
  • Needles appropriate for yarn