Craft Classes

I’m interested in crafts of all kinds. This page of the class catalog lists all my current classes in areas beyond my knit and crochet classes.

For each class, length is given as a range of class hours. Class material can be customized to fit the desired number of sessions and/or time available: a store might want 2 2-hour sessions while an event will have only 3-hour slots. Major topics covered and prerequisites are given, as are necessary materials and homework to be completed before class.

Interested in having Beth come teach at your shop or guild? Please get in touch for rates, availability, and the like! Classes can be combined and/or customized to your needs. :)

Macramé Knotting Basics

3 class hours. The venerable craft of macramé is back! Pinterest abounds with macro and micro macramé projects. In this introductory class you’ll learn the basics of the craft of knot-tying by creating sennits, vertical chains of knots. You’ll learn several ways to make starting loops, practice tying square knots and half hitches, and see … Continue reading Macramé Knotting Basics

Knotting Nuttiness

3 class hours Sailors aren’t the only ones who tie knots. Knots have been used decoratively for centuries. Cords of all kinds can be turned into jewelry, coasters, buttons and frogs with just a little knotting know-how. First we’ll go over the basic square and half-hitch knots. Then it’s on to the less common knots: zipper … Continue reading Knotting Nuttiness

Cords With A Twist

Cords With A Twist

2-3 class hours. Call it plying, throwing, cordspinning or whatever, twisting cords is one of the oldest and most basic textile techniques—look at many yarns close up, and what do you see? Spun lengths twisted together. Twist several lengths of yarn together, and the resulting cords can become drawstrings, straps, and ties. Create trim from … Continue reading Cords With A Twist