3 class hours

Sailors aren’t the only ones who tie knots. Knots have been used decoratively for centuries. Cords of all kinds can be turned into jewelry, coasters, buttons and frogs with just a little knotting know-how. First we’ll go over the basic square and half-hitch knots. Then it’s on to the less common knots: zipper sennits, braid and button knots, double coin, carrick bends, and more. You’ll go home with samples you’ve tied, a step-by-step reference to remind you of which end goes where, and lots of project ideas. Get nutty for knots!


  • 20-30 yds heavy cord (paracord, clothesline, kitchen cotton cord, etc)
  • small amount of embroidery or other strong thread
  • miscellaneous other cords (I-cord, crochet, kumihimo, etc) OPTIONAL
  • masking/painter’s tape
  • scissors
  • knitting needle or awl for adjusting knots
  • blunt large eye needle (eye large enough for cord to go through)
  • sewing needle


Cut a yard of the heavy cord. Tie three overhand knots one after the other along its length.