3 class hours.

The venerable craft of macramé is back! Pinterest abounds with macro and micro macramé projects. In this introductory class you’ll learn the basics of the craft of knot-tying by creating sennits, vertical chains of knots. You’ll learn several ways to make starting loops, practice tying square knots and half hitches, and see how knots can be combined to spiral and loop. And we’ll explore using cords of different colors for still more options. Your sennit samples make great key chains, zipper pulls, bracelets and more.


  • 10-20 yds cord (paracord, clothesline, kitchen cotton cord, bulky cotton yarn, etc)  each in three colors

  • miscellaneous other small amounts of different types and sizes of firm cord or yarn for experimenting

  • 1 split key ring

  • clipboard OR gridded (1” x 1”) project board  (Beadsmith or DIY your own)

  • T-pins

  • binder clip

  • measuring tape or ruler

  • masking/painter’s tape

  • scissors

  • knitting needle or awl for adjusting knots

  • blunt large eye needle (e.g. tapestry or yarn needle)