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lace: a video and an experiment

So, here it is: the short video filmed (on an iPhone 4S!) in support of Creative Knitting‘s Spring 2013 special issue, Easy, Everyday Openwork & Lace. My goal for the video was to expand a bit on the basics of the article, and illustrate how to work 2 types of double decreases. Here I’d like to expand still further, with an experiment on relative yarn over and decrease placement.

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A beginning…

…and not much else yet.

In 2002 I started a small business called See Jane Knit. I explored selling handknits, launched a very small pattern line, and began teaching knitting locally, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The business grew and changed as I figured out what it could become, and decided what I wanted it to be. So much has changed that it’s time for a new name, new branding & marketing, and a new website.

And this time, I’m going to write about it, as it develops, to clarify and share and record.

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