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Cut Your Knitting: Strand and Steek with Confidence

Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence

On sale on Crafty for 25% off through May 9th, 2017! Don’t let steeking anxiety hold you back from knitting colorwork in the round! Join designer Beth Whiteside and learn how to strand and steek successfully without fuss or anxiety. During class, you’ll conquer new stranded knitting techniques by practicing on a unique tablet case and a fun … Continue reading Cut Your Knitting: Strand & Steek With Confidence

Colorwork Without the Work

Colorwork Without the Work

Learn how to bring color to your knitting with these simple techniques. In this “all things stripes” class, you’ll learn to use stripes and explore the basics with helix knitting, then dive into mosaic and intarsia techniques. This class includes step-by-step instructions for making 4 exclusive class projects: Stripy Cowl & Slouchy Cap, Stripes-in-the-Making Bag … Continue reading Colorwork Without the Work

Online Classes by My Teacher Tangle

Now through May 9, 2017, get 25% off these select Craftsy classes when you click through these affiliate links! Have fun learning!

Yarn Substitution with Kellie Nuss  Sarah Peasley's Getting Gauge class  Entrelac Knitting with Gwen Bortner

Stitch Pattern Savvy with JC Briar  Fantastic Finishes: Edgings and Borders with Edie Eckman  Modern Irish Freeform Crochet with Myra Wood

Tutorials & Other Video

Raised (Lifted) Increase video

Raised (Lifted) Increase for Knitting

The increase I’m showing you here can be used as a single or double increase. Like the knit-through-the-back increase, it makes new stitch(es) out of an existing stitch (make 1 is worked between stitches). The stitches, existing and new, can be either knit or purled, depending on your needs.

Crochet Center Cast-On for Knitting video

Crochet Center Cast-On for Knitting

The crochet center cast-on is a way to create the initial set of stitches used for knitting from the center out. Stitches are cast on around a loop of yarn that can be cinched closed, instead of in a row that needs to be joined without twisting. With the circle already joined, double-pointed needles are less likely to fall out, making knitting from the center out just that much easier!

Knitted Lace and Openwork video

Learn the Basics of Knitted Lace and Openwork

In this video, teacher and designer Beth Whiteside walks you through the basics of lace and openwork knitting. You’ll learn how to create a yarn over and a few different decreases, and then you’ll be on your way to making lace today! Read Beth’s tutorial “Learn the Basics of Lace & Openwork,” then jump in and make her Lacy Tank & Skirt featured in this video.